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Hosting Services

The Online Alano Club offers complete hosting services for your group, starting at $4.95 per month. If you are just getting started online, we can help. No money is required up front, but you will be expected to become self-supporting as soon as possible. Here’s what’s included:

  • 100 MB server space
  • 2 GB bandwidth
  • 5 user/email accounts
  • Email aliasing, autoresponders, vacation messaging
  • Online post office
  • PHP with 1 MySQL database
  • FTP and Telnet/SSH access
  • Ability to install and run custom programs, such as discussion forums
  • FrontPage Server Extensions available

Hosting does not include domain name registration. You will need to take care of that through a domain name registrar. (Or, we can help.)

If you do not want to register a domain name, the club can host your group’s site in a directory. We have installed a program that offers easy online creation of web pages, or you can upload your own. Use the Contact Us form if you'd like to try the demo version of the hosting software. The price is the same: $4.95 per month.

Special Note Regarding Chat Rooms. Groups hosted at the Online Alano Club may install an interface to a remotely hosted chat server (we can help you find one). Groups may not install a chat server, or a program that acts like a chat server, on any domain hosted by the Online Alano Club without prior permission. Club staff will shut down unauthorized chat programs immediately. No warning will be given.

To get started, or to tell us about your special needs, use the form below. A staff member will respond promptly.

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